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We Transformed This Clients Front & Backyard

Front &  Backyard Landscaping Improvements In Hamilton

Square Leaf Landscaping & Design recently completed a transformative project for a client seeking to enhance both the front and backyard areas of their property. The client wanted more room for planting and a spacious entrance, as well as a clean and tidy backyard that maximized the available space.

To address these needs, the team constructed garden boxes using 6x6 pressure-treated wood, providing ample space for planting. New railings were installed to enhance the overall aesthetic and safety of the entrance. For privacy, Emerald Cedars were strategically planted in the backyard, creating a natural barrier that added both beauty and seclusion.

In the backyard, Armour stone was used to retain the higher grade of the neighbor’s property, ensuring stability and a cohesive look. The patio area was beautifully paved with Unilock Windemere in a granite blend smooth finish, giving the space a modern and polished appearance. This thoughtful design made the small backyard feel more spacious and inviting, achieving the client’s goals of a clean and tidy area for relaxation and entertainment.

This project highlights Square Leaf Landscaping & Design’s ability to create functional and aesthetically pleasing outdoor spaces, tailored to the specific desires and needs of their clients.

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